On Air Talent

Coming Soon: A demo reel of color commentary from my time with Minnesota State Mankato Hockey and stand ups.


#ReadyForOU with Baylor Students

After defeating the Kansas Jayhawks at Baylor's Homecoming, Bryce Petty's only response to questions at the press conference were that he was "ready for OU." This piece was a fun way to promote the hashtag that evolved from Petty's comments and to show Baylor Nation was ready for OU. The video received 3K views in the first 4 hours on the Facebook video player and was shared on various social media outlets by Baylor Football and others.

College Gameday Timelapse

With a Big 12 title on the line, College Gameday came to Waco for the season finale.

Baylor Vs West Virginia Preview

In my time with Baylor Athletics I completed many game previews for web content. Tasks included creating interview questions, shooting the interview, and editing and exporting the interview. In the event there was a voiceover done by The Voice of The Bears, John Morris, I would write that as well.

Green Vs Gold Scrimmage Story

An example of one of the many stories I shot and edited in my time with Baylor Athletics.

Catching Up With Ryan Carter

  • Produced, shot, edited, VO- written and performed.

  • College Hockey Weekend Intermission Show

  • I interviewed former MSU Maverick Ryan Carter of the New Jersey Devils. It was a new experience interviewing in an NHL lockerroom and finding footage of every home goal Ryan scored in his career with the Mavericks.

Red Bull Crashed Ice World Championships

  • Produced, edited, VO-Written and performed.

  • College Hockey Weekend Intermission Show

  • I had been interested in Crashed Ice for a few years, when I heard the Ice Cross Downhill World Championships were coming to St. Paul, I knew our audience would love learning about the sport that involved hockey skills with a side of extreme sports.

  • An assistant conducted the interviews because I had to be at the Verizon Wireless Center to commentate on the game that night.

Between the Pipes with Phil Cook

  • Produced, co-edited

  • College Hockey Weekend Intermission Show

  • MSU Goaltender Phil Cook taught me how to play goalie. The goal was to teach fans of all experience levels how to play goalie, a position that is essential for any good hockey team. Ususally a head coach will hire a specialized goalie coach because his knowledge is deeper in other areas, this goes for most fans that have never played between the pipes. This piece inspired the series I will be doing at Baylor in the fall where student athletes will teach me the intricacies of their sport.

  • For this package we decied not having a voiceover would be the most effective way to tell the story.

In the Equipment Room with Scott Rideout

  • Produced, co-edited

  • College Hockey Weekend Intermission Show

  • We took an inside look at the MSU Hockey Equipment room. Custom hockey equipment has a cult following across North Amercia with thousands of collectors looking for Pro Stock gloves, sticks, pants, skates, helmets, jerseys, etc. This video made the rounds on various forums, Facebook pages, and websited devoted to Pro Stock hockey equipment which helped this package gain over 77,000 views on YouTube.

  • In the editing process we wanted to give a documentary style feel as this was a longer piece for the show, so we stayed away from voiceover and used images and interviews to tell the story.


Alabama Huntsville Game 1 Tease

  • Produced, VO- written and performed
  • College Hockey Weekend Pregame Show